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L2 delivers our national voter file to LiveRamp on an ongoing basis. This delivery includes all 600 fields of voter, consumer, and modeled issue/behavior data. LiveRamp matches those data back to cookies and device IDs they’ve collected. This voter to cookies and device match allows you to target specific L2 voter audiences via hundreds of digital ad platforms and networks.

What is the process?

First, you have to identify the digital ad provider you’d like to work. Once the provider is selected you may use a generic L2 segment (i.e. D, Women, 30-39) off the shelf from the LiveRamp data store or you can create a more complex custom audience to target.

A custom audience can be as complex as you’d like and it can be created through L2’s VoterMapping platform or described in detail to your L2 representative.
If you’re using VoterMapping, download the L2 IDs and send to your L2 representative.

L2 will upload the data through LiveRamp’s interface and push to your digital ad provider. In order to do this L2 will have to collect specific account information prior to the send.

Billing occurs either via your digital ad provider or a direct agreement can be setup with L2 to provide reporting on a monthly basis.

Custom Audiences

If you’re already an L2 customer and have purchased a list with name, address and phone numbers, you can upload some or all of that data as a custom audience directly into Facebook’s advertiser interface. The L2 to Facebook match rate using just name, physical address and phone is 60%-80%. If you have emails attached to your file the overall match rate climbs to 90%+. The best part is there is no additional cost to you because you’ve already purchased the data.

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