Given the stringent crack down on mass email deployments, L2 takes a thorough approach to ensure your emails are delivered with the highest open rates. Please see the below instructions for getting setting up your email campaign.
Please note, L2 does NOT provide creative services. You can build your own creative by using a professional design service or one of these easy-to-use drag and drop creative platforms and send us the HTML code.
What L2 Needs to Send Your Email:
  • Once you’ve created your final approved email or newsletter template, please send us the HTML code.

  • All images should be in hi-resolutions for uploading to the L2 platform server for hosting. All images should have relevant file names for text rendering in the email.

  • All images should be less than 200kb in size.

  • If using animations, the first slide should contain the CTA (call-to-action) for clients that will not render animations.

  • We do not recommend you have your own tracking pixels.

  • The length of content should not exceed 4-5 thumb swipes on a mobile device. This can be easily tested using the email editors above.
  • Example: Washington State Democrats 3/4+ Primary voters from the last four even year primaries OR Virgina CD 4 Women with incomes over $150,000 per year and voters G1/2+
  • Please provide the first deployment date
  • :
    Please provide the first deployment time
  • What is your subject line?
  • For custom From Names and reply-to email addresses, we will need additional time for account setup and delivery testing, 48-72 hrs. For those wanting to use the L2 brand, we will not need anything for additional setup.
  • Please provide Name and email in this text box.
  • If "Yes" we'll need to discuss the details by email or over the phone and will reach out after submitting the form.
  • L2's standard reporting includes basics about the deployment including opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes. If you're looking for advanced reporting for this deployment or any future deployment beyond those basic attributes, we must be told in advance in order to ensure we can both accommodate custom requests and manage the campaign. Please provide your request below.
  • Please add your email address and any other email addresses you would like to be included (separated by commas) in any deployments or testing.
  • Please let us know any additional information you'd like us to know before we reach out to discuss your deployment.
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