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About Illinois Voters

A midwest powerhouse, the Prairie State is a complex combination of urban, suburban and downstate rural voters.  It’s also a state that has recently trended even more Democratic.  In the last year more than twice as many voters have moved from the Republican to the Democratic Party than vice versa and most of them are upstate in Chicago and the collar counties (an analysis easily done in L2 VoterMapping).  

L2 has worked with hundreds of Illinois campaigns from aldermanic races in Chicago to U.S. Congress to providing constituent data to the legislature. In addition to our standard best-in-class processing, L2 has 81% phone coverage including over 3,000,000 cell phone numbers. L2’s data has also been used to help find voters among the rich ethnic backgrounds found throughout the state including Polish and African-Americans in the greater Chicago area.

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On average, voter files from private and public sources contain 13% waste in the form of duplicate data, recent movers, and the deceased.  We ensure those records don’t make it into your voter contact program.


Our data director maintains close ties with every county in the state to ensure we’re receiving both new registrants and early voters as frequently as is available.

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L2 VoterMapping gives you instant access to hundreds of fields of data allowing you to quickly and easily pull reports, counts, and export the data you need in the format you need.


Our large and growing volume of users allows us to keep our file pricing extremely fair, in some case 75% of what others are offering.

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