Voter outreach only works if you have the correct contact data. L2 makes every touchpoint count.

Select a simple contact list or  customize your own based on hundreds of voter consumer and demographic variables

Mailing Lists

L2’s CASS certified and NCOA updated lists enable you to mail to individuals or every member of their household on a single label. L2’s intensive processing and consumer data allow us to correct addresses including adding in missing apartment numbers for more accurate deliverability

Walking Lists

L2’s data works extremely well with EVERY mobile canvassing tool but even in this digital age some volunteers prefer a paper walk sheet. Export cleanly laid out, street-by-street organized walk sheets with room to mark down donors, those wanting a lawn sign, and custom selections.

Telemarketing Lists

This spreadsheet-based export allows you to see your selected voter and every voter in their household. Send this format to your call center to boost results.

Call Sheets

Provide your volunteers with accurate landline and cell phone numbers. The PDF phone list includes vote history, party ID, household party ID and gives you space to write down and collect information on these voters.


Decide whether you want to send the email from your organization or have L2 deploy on your behalf through our enterprise-level deployment platform.

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