The Cookie-less Future with L2 Data

As a leading voter, constituent, and consumer data provider, L2’s goal is to provide the highest quality data in as many places as possible.  Offline L2 Data L2’s DataMapping and DataMapping API give users offline access to L2's databases in a way that hasn’t been replicated in the political or consumer spaces.  Our platform allows […]

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L2 Data Updates 3/3/2024

Please see all of the data updates below as 3/3/2024 Voter File Updates NEW Tennessee 2/29 (Full State File Update)NEW Florida 2/28 (Full State File Update)NEW Missouri 2/28 (Full State File Update)Maine 2/28 (Full State File Update)Utah 2/19 (Full State File Update)Pennsylvania 2/19 (Updated Voter History)Arizona 2/19 (Updated Voter History)Alabama 2/12 (Full State File Update)New […]

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2024 New District Changes in L2

The format of all L2 state files has been altered with the addition of four new fields.  Those fields are the 2024 Proposed Congressional, State Senate, State House and State Legislative District fields.  These fields have been added to accommodate the new districts that are the result of court challenges and redistricting since the 2020 […]

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L2 DataMapping Revolutionizes Voter and Constituent Outreach with Expanded Cell & Landline Phone Coverage

In the ever-evolving landscape of data mapping for voters and constituents, staying ahead of the curve is essential. At L2, we take this responsibility seriously, and we're thrilled to announce a significant leap forward in our services that will undoubtedly benefit our users. If you're involved in L2 DataMapping or work with cell phone matches […]

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Send an L2 audience from DataMapping to LiveRamp

L2 is integrated with numerous digital advertising platforms and onboarding services, including LiveRamp. The L2 National, voter, consumer, and automotive taxonomies and available via LiveRamp. You can create a segment in L2 DataMapping, export the L2 IDs and then send to a member of L2's team to load into LiveRamp and distribute to any demand-side […]

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How are trade associations using L2 voter and consumer data for marketing?

Trade associations are using voter and consumer data for marketing in several ways, including: Overall, trade associations use data to understand their target audience better and develop more effective marketing strategies that resonate with their members and prospects. L2 has the highest-quality voter and consumer file that has worked for dozens of national trade assocations. Click […]

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Steps to follow when emailing voters for a political campaign

Email is an effective way for political campaigns to reach voters and promote their messages. Here are some steps to follow when emailing voters for a political campaign: When emailing voters for a political campaign, it's important to be transparent about who you are and what your message is. Make sure your emails comply with […]

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Rules and regulations political campaigns need to comply with when sending text messages to voters

Political campaigns need to comply with various rules and regulations when sending text messages to voters. Here are some of the key rules that campaigns need to be aware of: Failure to comply with these regulations can result in significant fines and legal consequences. Therefore, it's important for political campaigns to be familiar with these […]

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How campaigns use voter file data

Using data in a political campaign can help political campaigns identify potential voters, target specific demographics, and craft messages that resonate with voters. Here are some steps that political campaigns can follow to use data effectively: Find out more about how L2 can help you effectively target for your political campaign. Click here and get […]

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VIDEO: Find constituents new to your district from redistricting in L2 DataMapping

Since redistricting shifted Congressional District lines for many districts, many incumbent members are looking to reach those individuals who are "new" to their district. In L2 DataMappiing we make this easy.

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