For over 50 years, L2 has been the most trusted source for enhanced voter, consumer and modeled issue data

The L2 Story


Over 50 years ago in the state of Washington, at a time when few saw the need for more sophisticated campaign tools, a community activist had an idea. Lourene Criddle, a volunteer for the numerous candidate and issue campaigns in California and Washington, sensed the wave of changes that were about to break over the political landscape and Labels & Lists, Inc. was born.
This was taken towards the end of World War II in Lakehurst, NJ

Processing Data

Formed for the sole purpose of utilizing modern data processing techniques in the service of campaigns, her small company soon became a phenomenon. Lourene's graduate school training in education at Columbia University and her resulting experience as a teacher combined with her raw energy and determination to make the fledgling company a success. Lindy Criddle, Lourene's husband, was asked to join the effort, and at a time when you could count on a few fingers the number of similar processors nationwide, Labels & Lists began to help shape the political landscape.

Setting a Standard

To complement Lourene's foresight and her intuitive and practical understanding of the needs of candidates, Lindy brought with him years of senior management experience and data processing expertise in high-tech companies, including Bell & Howell, Ampex, Scientific Data Systems and the Tally Corporation. As a Vice President of Operations, he had utilized the electrical engineering training he had received at Berkeley to supervise the programming of some of the earliest commercial computers. Later at Labels & Lists, he put all that expertise to work in processing voter files.

And Then Labels & Lists Grew

With little fanfare but with a healthy seriousness of purpose and a dedication to its customers, Lourene and Lindy once small firm became the standard for political data processing. Today, under our new name L2, we are neither small nor local. L2 is now the nation's leading independent voter data and technology firm, processing voter data around the clock for all 50 states and DC and making that data available for analysis in the industry's leading technology platform, L2 DataMapping™.
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