• We aggregate a large number of data sources and have developed a clear ecosystem that allows you to easily select, analyze and micro-target the voters you need to reach faster.

      • Research and analyze your district with L2 ConstituentMapping with hundreds of micro and macro viewpoints. Explore a district from 50,000 feet or 500. Get the lay of the land before communicating with your constituents.

      • Tap into more than 250 million national consumer records, built with our trusted partners. Our consumer data services include analytics, direct-to-consumer targeting, identity resolution, lead generation, list cleaning and location planning.

      • L2’s national automotive database makes it possible to find and reach new customers based on the highest-quality in-market and vehicle purchase data matched to an unparalleled repository of consumer insights.

      • L2 has the highest quality voter file matched to trusted verified emails. You can purchase these emails for use through your own enterprise level platform or purchase/rent and send through L2’s best-in-class delivery solution.

      • L2 and Ecanvasser have partnered to bring together the highest quality voter and consumer data with the most intuitive mobile canvassing platform available.

      • We’re excited to announce that L2 data sets are now available on Snowflake Data Marketplace. Snowflake customers will have access to L2 U.S. nationwide databases.

california consumer privacy act

California Consumer Privacy Act

Commonly Asked Questions:

(Disclaimer:  The following information is not meant to be a substitute for the language in the CCPA itself and is not provided as legal advice regarding interpretation of the law.  It is meant only to act as a general guide to some of the provisions of the CCPA.  Please refer specifically to the language of the law found here to answer your questions definitively or consult your personal attorney.)

“I’m a resident of California.  Does this law give me rights over the commercial use of my personal data?”

Yes.  If you are a resident of the state of California, the CCPA gives you certain rights to view and control personal information a business collects about you. L2 Political (“L2”) provides services in furtherance of political speech that is protected under the United States and California Constitutions.  The CCPA covers the part of L2’s business that is not protected by the United States and California constitutional protections for protected speech.  It's important to note, L2 is voluntarily applying the CCPA to the parts of the business in furtherance of free speech.

“What is meant by ‘business or commercial purposes’?”

Commercial and business purposes are specifically defined in the CCPA and, in general, commercial purposes covers the collection and use of your personal information by companies for financial gain.  A clear-cut example of commercial purposes would be when a business collects or possesses your personal data and then uses it to contact you to sell a product or service, but there are several exceptions.  For example, “Commercial purposes do not include for the purpose of engaging in speech that state or federal courts have recognized as noncommercial speech, including political speech and journalism.”

 “If a business is using my personal data what rights do I have?”

California residents have a number of rights under the CCPA.  These rights include the right to access the data a business has available for you for the 12-month period preceding the verification of your identity. You also have the right to have the personal information a business collected about you deleted from the business’s database, the right to know whether your personal information is being sold, to what categories of third parties the data is being sold to, and the right to opt-out of the sale of your personal information. For further information about your rights under the CCPA, please visit our privacy policy here.

 “How do I go about exercising those rights?”

Every business utilizing your personal data for must be responsive to your requests by offering, at a minimum, a toll-free number and an interactive webform making it easy for you to exercise your rights.  To protect the security of your personal information, a business will verify your identity before fulfilling any of the above requests. Once a business has received your request and confirmed your identity, it has up to 45 days to respond to that request.  If necessary, businesses may take up to an additional 45 days to respond to your request so long as the business provides the consumer with notice and an explanation of the extension.

“Do I have the right to sue a company over their use of my data?”

The CCPA provides a private right of action for any consumer whose nonencrypted personal information is subject to an unauthorized access, exfiltration, theft or disclosure as a result of a business’s failure to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices.   There is no private right of action for a businesses’ failure to comply with a request to review or delete data.  See 1798.150(c). However, prior to initiating any action, you must first give the business 30 days’ written notice identifying the specific CCPA provisions that have been or are being violated. No action may be initiated if the business cures the noticed violation within 30 days of receiving notice and gives the consumer an express written statement confirming that the violations have been cured and that no further violation will occur.

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