Voter Data

DataMapping Client Types

campaigns & candidates

Our DataMapping platform helps local, state and federal campaign managers, candidates  and consultants learn about their district and target the voters most likely to help them win.

pollsters/survey research

To better understand Americans and answer specific questions about voters, pollsters are increasingly using voter files as a sampling source for surveys. America’s most respected research experts rely on L2’s data, including the top Universities.


L2’s robust data and selection abilities help political organizations maximize their fundraising efforts by creating extremely targeted voter lists based on the issues that matter most to their organization.

associations/trade groups/unions

Organizations leverage L2’s technology to learn about their membership in great detail. Knowing things such as political party, voter frequency and political contributions help organizations build more strategic outreach campaigns.

academic organizations

Universities and research institutions nationwide utilize L2 DataMapping for quick analysis and reporting. Researchers routinely tap our national voter file for large complex queries and structure surveys around our phone, email and mail contact information.


Our DataMapping tool is used by leading newspapers and news organizations. These outlets work with the file and DataMapping for coverage planning and strategy, as well as voter file-based reporting.

federal lawmakers

L2 is the chosen data provider for over 75% of the members of U.S Congress. Our constituent records are critical to helping lawmakers strengthen the citizen connection and conduct successfull outreach.

analytics firms

L2 is the chosen provider among analytics firms seeking to dig deeper into issues and trends. Our platform provides actionable intelligence and makes it easy for analytic firms to develop highly-targeted and efficient engagement strategies for key audience groups.

media buyers/consultants

Find voters likely to be most responsive to your message. Create targeted lists by selecting from a wide variety of demographics, consumer behavior, political and behavioral attributes

digital consultants

Use L2 data on Google, Facebook, Amazon and other ad networks leveraging cookie/device ID matched files provided by LiveRamp, IP matched files through El Toro and direct uploads by using L2 data.
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