Leverage L2 data to achieve your campaign, advocacy, and business goals

A secure and automated way to access, share and enrich your data
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We’re excited to announce that L2 data sets are now available on Snowflake Data Marketplace. Snowflake customers will have access to the following L2 U.S. nationwide databases:
  • L2 Voter File - 209 Million Voters, 650+ Attributes
  • L2 Consumer File - 240 Million Consumers, 450+ Attributes
  • L2/HaystaqDNA Issue and Behavioral Models for Voters & Consumers

Our goal is to help our clients and users achieve their political, advocacy, and business goals through accurate, comprehensive data. The Snowflake Data Marketplace provides a single, integrated platform where users gain access to an entire network of data in the Data Cloud to achieve deeper insights and gain a competitive advantage.

An accurate, well-targeted list is the bedrock of all campaign, advocacy and marketing efforts. L2 makes it possible to obtain a live, ready-to-query list of voters and consumers based on the voter, consumer, demographic, homeownership, geography, donor, and many other fields directly in Snowflake.
The benefits of having standardized, updated, and complete data cannot be overstated. Increased productivity, accurate reporting, informed decision-making, and scalability are just a few of the reasons companies are allocating more of their budgets to data and analytics than ever before. However, if you don’t address the quality of your data, you won’t be able to realize these types of benefits. 

Real-time data enrichment can fix the adverse effects of polluted data. Many organizations are investing in real-time data hygiene services and data management solutions. L2 integrates seamlessly into existing CRMs, ARMs, and other political/campaign management tools in order to enrich existing data in real time. Not all organizations have the in-depth contact, demographic or psychographic data (such as interests and beliefs) needed for gaining deep insights into customers, locations, and leads or for building advanced segmentation and audience models.

Good data hygiene isn’t a “one-and-done” type of job; it’s an ongoing process. Good data hygiene has two steps. First, you should identify incomplete, duplicate, incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data. Next, you would complete, correct, dedupe, delete, or modify the dirty data. Using L2 through Snowflake ensures that your data is always clean, standardized, updated, and complete. Clean data updated in real-time is essential to ensure the most effective outreach.
Our partnership with Snowflake gives you the ability to query information on all voters and consumers in the U.S., to understand demographic trends within different regions, socio-economic groups, education levels, movers to new states, etc. Organizations can use this enriched data to make better campaign or business decisions. Many use these advanced analytics for voter or customer profiling and segmentation, insights into campaign performance, building a better understanding of the political or competitive landscape, and identifying expansion opportunities.

When it comes to voter or consumer contact, this information is crucial to formulating relevant and compelling marketing messaging that’s personalized to the needs of your prospects. When looking to serve personalized ads to high-value prospects, campaigns, consultants, organizations, and marketers can tap into unique datasets to enrich their knowledge of a given prospective voter and consumer at the personal level.
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