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Bruce Willsie

Bruce Willsie

Bruce Willsie is the President & CEO of L2. Starting in 1990, Bruce came to then Labels & Lists after a stint as an attorney for Perkins Coie in Seattle. Prior to that, Bruce attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School. During Bruce's nearly 30 years at L2, the company has grown to become a powerhouse in the political and advocacy data space, working with national organizations to hundreds of members of Congress to local campaigns and trusted among the most respected consultants and campaign runners in the industry. Bruce's focus on quality both in data sourcing and processing has not only allowed L2 to compete with subsidized competitors, but to thrive in an environment where quality data is critical for campaigns at every level.

Bruce has poured the same attention to detail and quality into L2's national consumer and automotive files. L2's consumer databases are recognized as hidden gems among national competitors. And like the voter file, L2 commercial databases are easy to use because of availability via L2's web-based tools, VoterMapping, ConsumerMapping and AutomotiveMapping.

Bruce is also a veteran of the United States Navy and currently lives in Princeton, NJ with his wife Marcia.
Paul Westcott is L2's Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Prior to joining L2, Paul worked for NBC News, Fox News Channel and most recently, iHeartMedia. At iHeart, Paul started as a Senior Digital Editor, creating and managing editorial content on over 850 radio station websites. While in his digital role, Paul created and hosted a daily talk show and podcast covering news and politics for the burgeoning iHeartRadio platform. After two years hosting the digital show, Paul was brought on as a local morning host in New Hampshire, Maine and later Worcester, MA.

In media, Paul was an Assignment Editor for NBC News, working on the national, international and political desks covering all of the network's news properties including Today, MSNBC, Meet the Press and Nightly News. While in college, Paul was fortunate enough to gain experience both at an NPR affiliated station WFUV radio as an anchor and reporter and as a production assistant at the Fox News Channel. Paul attended Fordham University and has both a BA and MA in Political Science with a focus on campaigns and elections management.

Paul currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Sarah and two children Will and Grace.

Carlie Titus Gliha is L2's Senior Director of Business Development. Prior to joining L2, Carlie worked for NGPVAN, the Association of Advanced Life Underwriting and most recently the National Retail Federation (NRF). As Vice President of Membership at the NRF, Carlie managed, created and implemented the organization's initiatives around membership engagement and recruitment.

Prior to her six years in associations, Carlie worked at NGP, where she developed the State Legislative branch of NGP's fundraising and compliance software.

Carlie attended Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL, and Virginia Marti College of Art and Design in Cleveland, OH, where she completed her degrees in Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Carlie is based in L2's Washington, DC office.

Matthew Curley is a Director of Business Development at L2 as well as being the organization's California Director. Prior to joining L2, Matt worked for AT&T, T-Mobile and most recently CallFire. At CallFire, Matt's focus was political and advocacy organizations, including two major presidential campaigns during the 2016 cycle. Matt was also responsible for working with some of CallFire's most demanding Fortune 100 clients.

Prior to CallFire, Matt worked as a Senior Enterprise Manager at T-Mobile. At AT&T, he was recognized as a Top Performer for his strategic planning, thoughtful preparation and tireless execution in its Premier Client Group.

Matt attended The Michigan State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science focused in Interdisciplinary Social Science with emphasis on Politics and Economics. Matt lives with his wife Lourdes and three daughters in the Los Angeles metro area.
Joy Friedman is the Director of Marketing and Partnership at L2. With over 20 years of experience in politics, labor and technology, Joy is focusing on the marketing of L2 and growing the name brand in new markets across the United States and working with all of our partners to drive growth. Prior to joining L2, Joy worked for American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees (AFSCME), as well as various campaigns and most recently as Chief Strategy Officer at Organizer, where she focused on new market growth, partnerships, mergers and investments.

Joy attended Rollins College in Winter Park, FL and currently lives in Norfolk, VA with her husband Timothy Reilly.
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