• We aggregate a large number of data sources and have developed a clear ecosystem that allows you to easily select, analyze and micro-target the voters you need to reach faster.

      • Research and analyze your district with L2 ConstituentMapping with hundreds of micro and macro viewpoints. Explore a district from 50,000 feet or 500. Get the lay of the land before communicating with your constituents.

      • Tap into more than 250 million national consumer records, built with our trusted partners. Our consumer data services include analytics, direct-to-consumer targeting, identity resolution, lead generation, list cleaning and location planning.

      • L2’s national automotive database makes it possible to find and reach new customers based on the highest-quality in-market and vehicle purchase data matched to an unparalleled repository of consumer insights.

      • L2 has the highest quality voter file matched to trusted verified emails. You can purchase these emails for use through your own enterprise level platform or purchase/rent and send through L2’s best-in-class delivery solution.

      • L2 and Ecanvasser have partnered to bring together the highest quality voter and consumer data with the most intuitive mobile canvassing platform available.

      • We’re excited to announce that L2 data sets are now available on Snowflake Data Marketplace. Snowflake customers will have access to L2 U.S. nationwide databases.


L2 DataMapping’s newest tools

L2 DataMapping has added two new tools to make targeting the right voter or donor easier. What the radius or ‘circle’ tool does: L2 DataMapping users can now create a perfect circle around a defined center point. All of the registered voters within the circle will populate the demographic fields inside L2 DataMapping. How the radius or ‘circle’ […]

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Election 2016 voter data strategy tips

The 2016 election cycle is in full swing which means developing a data strategy is critical. Leading up to election 2014 campaigns up and down the ballot relied on high quality voter data from L2 starting two years out, shouldn’t yours? Five tips for your 2016 voter data strategy: 1. Start planning now. Simply knowing you need […]

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L2’s Bruce Willsie and Tracy Dietz make “Influencers” list

L2 CEO Bruce Willsie and Executive Vice President Tracy Dietz have made this year’s prestigious “Influencers 50” list from Campaigns & Elections Magazine. Each year C&E selects 50 industry leaders “changing the way we think about campaigns and shaping the future of the industry.” What C&E said about L2’s Bruce Willsie & Tracy Dietz: “One of the […]

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Voter Data winning GOTV

Get out the vote (GOTV) operations need targeting. High quality voter and demographic data from L2 can be easily implemented into your campaign’s or client’s election 2014 strategy. L2’s data offerings include: ‘Hot Button’ issue data allowing you to target supporters and opponents of: The Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) Gay Marriage Legalization Gun Control Conservative […]

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Pushing the right “hot buttons” with L2

At the heart of any data driven campaign is the desire to understand your potential voters and donors as individuals. That’s why L2 has teamed up with HaystaqDNA, one of the top voter data modeling firms in the country, to bring your campaign or organization valuable “hot-button” issue scores. L2 gives you the ability to go […]

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Let L2 and data help you win in 2014

We’re in the home stretch of election 2014 and campaigns of all sizes are looking for an advantage. If your campaign doesn’t have a data strategy or wants an alternative to the out-of-date file you’re using, allow L2 to empower your campaign with targeted, high quality and low cost data. If your campaign already has […]

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Speak to Latino voters in 2014 and 2016

In the 2012 presidential election, Latino voters made up 10% of the total voting population and that number will only grow. The share of Latino voters as a percentage of the overall electorate in key voting states like Arizona, Nevada and Florida is on the rise. On average, the share of Latino voters in those […]

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Legalize It? Get the best look at support for Marijuana legalization

Marijuana law reform is appearing on ballots across the country and has shifted turnout and in some cases changed the entire focus of an election. That’s why L2 is proud to bring you a unique set of data, created under the direction of Audience Partners, to give you the best model of likely support for or […]

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Know the numbers: The NFL’s bad week impacts election 2014?

The NFL has just come off a terrible week because of deplorable actions both reported and confirmed about all-stars Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice. Ray Rice’s punching of his now fiancee, caught on tape, has not only caught the ire of many Americans but also a number of U.S. Senators. 16 female Senators signed onto […]

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Create “true” cluster samples with L2 DataMapping

Utilizing a new mathematical model and L2 DataMapping’s industry leading high-speed data visualization, you no longer need to second guess your cluster sample data.   Most vendors are using street or precinct sorting of voter data prior to creating the clusters.   The problem with this geographical sorting is that when extra records are needed to […]

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