Consumer Data

Industries Served

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies ranging from media to healthcare to financial services.


The media and entertainment industry face extreme external pressures related to changing consumer demands and technology. L2 data can help you remain competitive in this ever-evolving landscape through finding new audience segments, building a unified consumer profile through identity resolution and discovering growth opportunities and strategic partnerships.


L2’s national automotive database makes it possible to find and reach new customers based on the highest quality in-market and vehicle purchase data matched to an unparalleled repository of consumer insights. Reach audiences utilizing L2’s direct contact information. Measure the performance of your campaign using L2’s automotive sales data to learn about your customers and to influence future campaigns.


The voter and consumer data spaces are under tremendous scrutiny when it comes to quality, security and privacy. L2 has continued to lead the industry in providing the highest-quality data that list brokers are proud to resell and can stand behind. L2 also puts in place extremely competitive pricing, allowing resellers and list brokers to go head-to-head with any pricing available in the space. L2 has also gone through numerous privacy and security reviews, ensuring that the data you are providing come from trusted sources. Individuals who have opted out will be removed in accordance with ever-changing state and federal regulations.


L2 works with scores of nonprofits across the nation to provide instantly actionable lists of likely donors. We give you the targeting ability and the contact data to mail, call, text, email or digitally reach prospective donors. Our thoroughly checked databases reduces waste and creates more efficient prospective outreach for a far lower cost than purchasing other organizations’ donor lists.


L2 helps lenders and financial institutions utilize the most comprehensive consumer information available – including spending habits, income, net worth, credit score and many other attributes – to assist in the creation of targeted marketing strategies. L2 data helps you find consumers based on the most up-to-date known information possible.


L2 can include models of those individuals most likely to support alternative energy, find new movers and homeowners and determine which channels are likely the best to reach an individual. Better understand your energy customers by going beyond basic demographics. L2’s rich consumer database makes it possible to match back your existing customer list and enhance it with over 650 fields of in-depth consumer information.


New challenges have confronted healthcare organizations that require a change in thinking about engaging prospective patients. L2 has the data and actionable insights needed for your organization to remain competitive in this new consumer-driven healthcare landscape.


State chambers of commerce are under more pressure from the members than ever to stand up and advocate for them. L2 works with numerous state chambers that rely upon our data to power their grassroots outreach efforts. Chambers utilize our enhanced voter file information to find those voters and potential advocates that are sympathetic to the cause of business or were to be likely to be persuaded by the chamber and their members' message.
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