Consumer Data

Use Cases

Learn how our clients leverage L2's platform for direct consumer targeting, analytics and identity resolution.


Consumer analytics firms trust L2's data as part of their core data set to expand their current customer base. L2's national consumer file contains over 650 demographic and consumer attributes that allow you to know more about an individual consumer than was previously possible. Combining L2 data with insights from your CRM will enable you to identify those most likely to engage with your organization across a universe of 250 million US consumers.


L2 provides a robust data file including different demographic, consumer and other known and modeled information. This allows our customers to select from hundreds of fields of demographic, consumer, credit bureau, donor and other critical data, including income, education, credit score, home value and age with more granularity. L2's ConsummerMapping tool enables clients to make selections and immediately export the data for use in telemarketing, mail, market analytics and targeted digital and email campaigns.

identity resolution

L2's national consumer file has been instrumental as a core data source for identifying and validating individual identities. L2's massive billion-record email database, 200 million-record phone database and 250 million-record national consumer file make it possible for you to utilize digital signatures and sometimes-limited fields sets available to match and identify an individual with an extremely high level of certainty. L2's data hygiene, processing and frequent updates ensure that all known identity data is as up-to-date and clean as possible.


Clean and supercharge your existing database with L2. Leverage L2 to verify your existing database and confirm an individual's address, phone number and email. L2 also can add the most up-to-date contact fields according to the national change of address database (NCOA)  from the USPS. L2 makes all of this available instantly and visually through ConsumerMapping.

location planning

L2's ConsumerMapping geospatial visualization platform makes it possible to zoom out and fly over a given area and do an immediate analysis of the demographic and consumer information critical to your organization. When you are looking to develop a new retail, warehouse or residential space, it is critical to know the demographics and consumer behaviors of the individuals to whom you are hoping to attract to a given area. L2 makes all of this data available instantly and visually.
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