Voter Selection And Targeting Right At Your Fingertips.


Define Your Universe

Choose from hundreds of filters including demographic, voter, consumer data and modeled behaviors.


Pull Counts and Analyze

Analyze your target audience against a variety of variables, compare criteria against other districts and view your selection geographically.


Solidify Your Selection

Leverage our mapping feature to cut turf and confirm your counts based on specific criteria


Export Your Data Records

Download your contact list in excel, CSV or DBF and get ready to engage!


Without consistent formatting and an easy to use analysis tool, using a voter file of any size is like drinking from a fire hose.

L2 VoterMapping allows campaigns to overlay their selected targets and instantly see the distribution patterns over a chosen district or state. The platform gives you the ability to make a selection based on voting demographics, behavior characteristics and other attributes.

The platform also enables you to analyze your data at your convenience. Make unlimited queries, combine and de-dupe records, omit records and pull the trigger on your schedule. And voter record selections, even for millions of records, occur instantly!


Map it out

  • View location details of every voter in your selection
  • ‘Zoom down’ to the rooftop level to get information about the occupants of a single household
  • Simultaneously examine detailed counts and percentages of all sub-demographic categories and boundaries


Visualize answers to questions such as:

  • Where do the selected individuals live?
  • Are they geographically concentrated by age?
  • Which neighborhoods over or underperform in terms of voter turnout?
  • What are the income and education display patterns?
  • Which households have children? 


Use L2 VoterMapping as a data research tool even if you never purchase and download a single record.

For analysis only, VoterMapping is available as a subscription service putting all of its capabilities at your fingertips in an instant. Our research is a tremendous value to academic researchers, public affair professionals, media planners, advertising agencies and government agencies in addition to candidates and political operatives.

Use L2 VoterMapping as a data research tool even if you never purchase and download a single record.

  • Cut turf
  • Carve by neighborhoods
  • Build universes
  • Get counts
  • Plan strategy


VoterMapping is provided free to consultants and campaigns that have purchased or intend on purchasing data lists giving you the ability to research before you buy.

Key Features of VoterMapping:

  • Narrow your audience until you have the exact target you’re looking to reach.
  • Sort through hundreds of millions of records instantly.
  • Web-based. No downloads or software needed.
  • Available in all 50 states, Washington, D.C.
  • Includes political boundaries, cable zone, DMA zones, and the ability to make non-standard boundaries across the map
  • Hundreds of voter/consumer segments included
  • Free exportable PDF reports
  • Available Free with Data Purchase

Benefits of VoterMapping over competitors:

  • Speed of counts
  • Make selections and see counts change
  • Hundreds of fields beyond the voter file
  • Ability to create custom universes
  • Visually see your district mapped and cut turf
  • Create custom reports and crosstabs for client presentations and analysis
  • Don’t pay anything until you purchase data
  • Unique overlays including Cable Zones from our partner Ampersand and DMA zones that don’t exist in any other platform

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